Printing Technology



Product Information

Kocher+Beck’s patented magnetic printing cylinders can be used on all letterpress machines. Thanks to the chamfering and bending device with integrated register ruler developed by Kocher+Beck, adhesive tape for printing plates is now a thing of the past. Printing plates can now often be changed without removing the printing cylinders from the machine.

Kocher+Beck’s tools for the printing industry are available for all machine types and processes in general use. Thanks to our extensive knowledge, numerous patents and continuous development, you can be sure the products we deliver are first-class. Highly accurate CNC machines guarantee maximum tool precision resulting in outstanding prints.

The concentricity and axial uniformity of Kocher+Beck’s printing tools are second to none. Special designs and customizations are all in a day’s work for us, too.


For your convenience, our order form for rotary cylinders is available to download and complete as an interactive PDF. When you press Send, the file is automatically attached to an email from your usual mail client. We look forward to receiving your order!