Tooling Technology


KMS Measurement System

Product Information

Just like the KMS-2, the KMS-3 is a universally compatible, high-precision hydraulic pressure gauge system that sets and logs the initial tension between cutting and/or magnetic and anvil cylinders for rotary die cutting machines.


The current cutting force is displayed on the gage in kilonewtons and bar. There is no cumbersome wiring, and the pressure display is analog. Measurements are taken at the point where the force is transferred to the cutting tool. The system immediately detects pressure changes such as those caused by thermal expansion, allowing you to adjust the cutting pressure accordingly.


The KMS-3 instantly detects concentricity fluctuations on the tool and the anvil cylinder as well as defective bearings, so you can correct them before they cause a problem. This protects both your cutting tools and the bearings of the cutting unit, extending their service life.