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Hydrogen / Solar and Battery Technology

Kocher+Beck offers creative and innovative special solutions. Bespoke systems, specially adapted to suit your respective product and requirements. Think out of the box, think rotary!

Customised solutions from Kocher+Beck are used worldwide for demanding materials.
Improve your machine performance and increase your output with units that are developed precisely for your application.

With Cut&Place systems you can separate, shape and place your roll material in one continuous process.
By eliminating stop-and-go, maximum output can be generated for a continuous process.

In the field of PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cell technology, core components of the MEA (membrane electrode assembly) can be separated and deposited very precisely.
A wide variety of roll materials such as membranes (CCM), gas diffusion layers (GDL) or sub-gasket foils can also be cut. Cutting out functional surfaces or cooling channels is no problem, and there are almost no limits to the shapes possible.
Would you like to laminate sub-gasket foils? Kocher+Beck is sure to have a suitable solution for you!

Materials that are required for industrial projects in the battery and energy storage sector, can also be cut.
Electrical insulators, separator foils or balancing elements are essential functional components in this environment.
Even in flexible solar cell technology, components such as separator foils or insulators etc. can be processed.

For the rotary screen printing of electronic components, solar cells, and membranes in fuel cells, Kocher+Beck offers a large selection of screen-printing mesh made of nickel-plated stainless-steel mesh.

More information can be found in the TecSreeen area.

Involve us in your project at an early stage, and we will provide you with full support in rotative solutions.