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Rotationsstanztechnik KG
Dieselstr. 6
D-72124 Pliezhausen

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    Lars Beck

    Managing Director

    Nicolas Kirste

    Head of Sales

    Daniel Frank

    Division Manager Hard Tooling

    John Fehrenbacher

    Product Manager TecScreen

    Alexander Dippold

    Head of Supply Chain Management

    Thorsten Hengstenberg

    Sales Manager IOC / Envelope Technology

    Fahri Ilazi

    Customer Service Manager Flexible Dies

    Ingo Hellwig

    Head of Design and Development

    Felix Halverscheidt

    Rotary Tooling Sales

    Markus Kepper

    Leiter Service Hard Tooling

    Sascha Katschinski

    Project Planning / Special Solutions

    Joachim Kriwanek

    Project Planning / Special Solutions

    Stephan M. Otto

    Sales and Applications Manager

    Oliver Diekhoff

    Sales and Applications Manager

    Athanasios Kerassidis

    Sales and Applications Manager