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Individual Solutions

Countless products owe their shape, feel or optics the right punch or the right one Printing process.



We are proud to be a system supplier to a variety of different industries.

Our product portfolio in the area of ​​tooling Technology, Printing Technology and Winding Technology offers you a variety of applications in the broke; Logistics, food, cosmetics, packaging, medical and Pharmaceutical engineering, industry, automotive and electrical engineering.
With the help of our tools manufactured including the following; Adhesive labels, Folding cartons, envelopes, hang tags, Tear-off labels and coupons, tickets, inmould labels, sticking plaster, wound dressing, hygiene articles and much more.



In the rotary industry, Kocher+Beck are a specialised provider which covers printing and the processing processes, as well as the entire spectrum of magnetic stamping. This is over a wide range of rotary tools, via TecScreen Screen mesh, up to the complex non-stop winding system form.





Highly qualified employees in secure our research and development department the leading technological standard of all Kocher+Beck products. They are different for your requirements and special solutions with their experience and creativity aside.



As a strong partner, we want to enable you to make your production processes more efficient, help you to secure your market position and expand.