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A strong partner for excellent quality in printing
and cutting technology: Kocher+Beck.


From the development of magnetic stamping technology to series production,
we at Kocher+Beck have consistently relied on our proprietary solutions. The
knowledge we have acquired gives our current products a clear advantage over
other solutions on the market.


Thanks to our extensive expertise, numerous patents and continuous developments,
you can be sure the products we deliver are first-class.The experience
of our team guarantees products of the highest quality and reliability. That’s not
only your goal, but our goal as well. That is why, in addition to state-of-the-art
computer programs, our specially qualified staff will always perform the final
product check with the aim of a zero-defect quota.


At Kocher+Beck, the focus is always on you. We are successful because we
listen to our customers and offer them the advice they need, especially when it
comes to special solutions and intelligent concepts in the areas of printing,
cutting and magnetic technology. We nurture our customer proximity through
our global production plants and agencies.