Cutting cylinders from the pioneer

Given our extensive experience in die cutting technology, we guarantee that we can provide just the cylinders you need!

At Kocher+Beck, we take pride in the fact that all of our cylinders are from a single source, and superb quality.

Cutting Cylinders

All Kocher+Beck cylinders are manufactured using CNC technology and tailored precisely to your needs. Our cutting cylinders can be reworked several times, which makes them the ideal choice for large runs.

  • Universal

    Our universal cutting cylinders are suitable for all materials in general use.

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  • Long Life

    We use our own particular hardening process, which makes our Long Life cutting cylinders especially durable.

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  • Gluex

    Reliably minimize ink and adhesive residues on the cutting edges.

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  • Remaliner

    Variable punch for rear-sided kiss cutting and total cutting.

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    Our multi-purpose precision tools are the best solution for continuous vertical slitting and perforating.

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    Our cross-cutters are available for all standard machine types.

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  • Ejection

    Safe handling of cutting waste through hard rubber inserts in the center of the cutting contours.

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  • Anvil

    Made from highly annealed, hardened tool steel. Maximum concentricity precision for perfect cutting results and long service life.

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  • Compressed air/vacuum

    Waste management using compressed air or vacuum. Air blade technology for an adjustable suction point.

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Magnetic cylinders

It goes without saying that Kocher+Beck’s high technological standards in our magnetic die cutting technology are also reflected in our top-quality magnetic cylinders. Thanks to the innovative materials we use to make them, they produce an exceptional magnetic force of 9.1 N/cm². If higher forces are required during the production process, this value can be increased by a multiple of 5 by using special magnets.

  • Magnetic cylinder

    Guaranteed long service life, excellent precision, a gap of ≤3 µm and maximum concentricity precision – all the ingredients for perfect cutting results.

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  • Magnetic envelope cylinder

    Whether you need side, separation or window cuts, we have standard and specialty cylinders with single and multiple suction options.

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Printing and stamping cylinders

Kocher+Beck’s Printing division comprises hot stamping cylinders and printing cylinders. Even when it comes to hot stamping, CNC-machined Kocher+Beck stamping cylinders, with their impressive high level of detail, are your first choice.

  • Printing cylinder

    Available for all standard printing systems. Also available with optional scratch-resistant hard coating.

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  • Hot stamping cylinder

    Produced using cutting-edge CNC engraving machines. Perfect stamping of even the finest motifs for maximum added value.

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