Magnetic Die Technology

Die cutting technology from the pioneer

As early as 1981, Kocher+Beck was the first company in Europe to supply magnetic die cutting technology. Its pioneering work has brought what was an entirely new process back then to the level required for today’s production environment.

Flexible Dies

Every single flexible die produced by Kocher+Beck is the culmination of these decades of experience, backed by a continuous program of development and improvement.

  • AI-Universal

    Suitable for all types of self-adhesive and single-material products.

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  • 3L Laser Long Life

    Thanks to laser hardening, our product features hardness levels of 65–68 HRC for an extended service life.

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  • Gluex Plus

    Special coating with excellent non-stick properties in standard applications.

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  • Gluex Ultra

    An innovative special coating that guarantees optimal anti-adhesion without compromising on cutting and label quality.

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  • Chrome 24

    A layer of chromium with a hardness of 70 HRC for ultra-high performance.

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  • nanotec

    Reduces glue and ink deposits on cutting contours; suitable for use with all abrasive materials.

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Magnetic Cylinders

It goes without saying that Kocher+Beck’s high technological standards in our magnetic die cutting technology are also reflected in our top-quality magnetic cylinders. Thanks to the innovative materials we use to make them, they produce an exceptional magnetic force of 9.1 N/cm². If higher forces are required during the production process, this value can be increased by a multiple of 5 by using special magnets.

  • Magnetic Cylinders

    High precision, ≤3 µm gap and maximum concentricity. Long service life guaranteed. Perfect cutting results, whatever the material.

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Magnetic Flat Bases

Kocher+Beck’s GRANOtec magnetic flat bases are the ideal alternative to stainless steel or aluminum when it comes to planishing in label printing presses. This eliminates the previous disadvantages associated with conventional equivalents.

  • Magnetic Flat Bases

    Our magnetic flat bases are made from a hard, scratch-resistant non-metallic material

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