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It goes without saying that Kocher+Beck’s high technological standards in our magnetic die cutting technology are also reflected in our top-quality magnetic cylinders. Thanks to the innovative materials we use to make them, they produce an exceptional magnetic force of 9.1 N/cm². If higher forces are required during the production process, this value can be increased by a multiple of 5 by using special magnets.

The lower the tolerances, the more precise the results. This is another area where Kocher+Beck exceeds expectations: magnetic cylinders with superb concentricity and gap size tolerances of 3 µ or less.

We’re one of the few manufacturers to offer extensive maintenance, repair and redesign services for magnetic cylinders. State-of-the-art machinery and the most highly qualified employees ensure that we can meet almost any customer requirement. When it comes to high-tech cylinders, Kocher+Beck is the obvious choice.


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